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June 30th, 2007 (01:47 pm)

current mood: 3

feel a little blasse today, primarily because I didnt get up until the afternoon. But I guess thats what comes of staying up until 4 am. had wanted to devote today to doing little and big things but with the restricted timing i think i should tackle big things first. i wrote a little silly piece about fairies having yard sales that came into my head while i had my first walk of the day, and im proud of myself for continuing to write it even though the phone rang twice and mail came in etc and there was absolutely no finesse in the words i put to screen. None! like when you have a picture in your head thats soft and vibrant and detailed but your fingers just wont comply. to some degree its a bad thing to do that because when you do write it out you are putting some restrictions on how perfect it can get, but the alternative is to lose it and you can do a lot with revising...just not everything. i like the fact i committed it to paper because though what i wrote itself may not be usable it did open a door to another little world i've created which i'd be glad to use later. i find world building to be one of the best parts of writing....so much we lose in our connections to each other and to community when we fail to honor what writing gives us.