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July 9th, 2007 (07:00 am)

current mood: repentant

I'm a Christian. This is something I rarely openly state for two reasons: 1. I'm afraid that it will cast doubt upon my ability to evaluate data and situations logically and 2. I'm not very good at being obedient and I'm afraid that through my example I will do more harm than good. I was reading the Bible this morning, Matthew 7:13-28, and praying, and it all stood out at me and so I would like to talk about it. This passage is all about faith. The narrow and wide gates call us to follow not that which is popular but to make stands for what is right even when it is difficult or uncertain. Christians put their faith in the Lord not because He commands us to but because He is faithful. We don't follow blindly. God doesn't ask us to put away our intellects but to refine it with a deeper understanding of how the universe works. He doesn't want blind obedience, He wants a loving relationship of trust, loyalty, and free expression. Its easy to get caught up in the "laws" or expectations we have of ourselves to conform to our faith, but God doesn't want that either. We bear good fruit when we are honest with ourselves, with Him, and with others. You can listen to some preachers and think you have to get all your ducks in a row to be able to spend some time with our Loving Father, or that this preacher or that has the secret phone number of God. These are lies, and when you see the results of them, a people dependent upon a preacher who exploits them rather than a people who are strong in their reliance upon a relationship with God, you can tell that they are lies. No matter what good deeds you do, no matter how much you strive to be a good person, what matters is what you build your heart upon. Do you put your faith in things that erode away, or do you put your faith in a universe built upon love from a loving Father?

What I have learned from this is that I need to put my work into my faith, instead of cowering to a popular image or fearing my own weaknesses.