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Writer's Block: Who's in your neighborhood

June 18th, 2007 (01:27 pm)

How well do you know your next-door neighbors?

I know them well enough to smile and say "Hello" to them, but that is what I do to nearly everyone when I am in a good enough mood. I guess you could say that I know them well enough to suspect that most are of the human race-- most. There's the Greek pizza guy who flirts a lot, but it may simply be a cultural thing. There's the weird pawn shop guy who never opens his shop until very late at night, and yet he still owns the place and much, much more. His face has a slight look of plastic about it, which sometimes makes me wonder if he had once been in a horrible accident and had reconstructive surgery. There's the local gun shop, with friendly but town-gosip oriented owners. There's the cashier of the local grocery store who always seems to be disappointed in what she is doing. She peers out from behind the cash register like a child hiding from a lion. She paints her eyelids so heavily of blue or purple its difficult to notice the true hazel of her eyes, if they are hazel. Just a small town in which everybody knows everybody else, and so very few people REALLy know aanybody.